Best Vinyl Plank Flooring

Best Vinyl Plank Flooring For Your Lovely Home

Never get too confused when some top luxury vinyl plank flooring brands and types are just blurring your eyes to find the best vinyl plank flooring for your lovely home.

Believe it or not, the lowest quality vinyl flooring types can even look the same with the high quality one.

Thus, carefully evaluating the homespure vinyl flooring products is crucial enough to help determine which of the type to take for home.

People will just easily recognize the best flooring right after they install the floor, feel it and walk on it.

Truly, there are always some factors to use as the best guidance to determine the best vinyl flooring products such as core, wear layer, thickness, register embossing quality and the visual layer quality.

To boost a real quality of the vinyl plank flooring, consider the size of the selection, companies reputation, the flooring products lifespan as well as the warranty offered for the customers.

To get rid of the great confusion in choosing the right vinyl flooring products, here are the six series of the best vinyl plank flooring you can probably purchase for your lovely new home.

Home Depot with LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring Products

Home depot is one of the vinyl plank flooring products which are well-known for its economical price, meaning that the products are much affordable.

Due to the fact that it has a lack of depth of selection, now it comes with “in-stock” accessibility.

Noticeably, Home Depot comes with the LifeProof flooring products, meaning that it offers a very low price. LifeProof is one of Home Depot’s products in flooring just like Bher paint and Glacier Bay bath accessories.

LifeProof is the product that you can only find in Home Depot. It is internationally noticed that LifeProof luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured based under the authority of Connecticut-based Halstead International.

The vinyl plank flooring you may want to check out in Home Depot usually offers a difficult way to seam.

It is designed with 7mm thick, making the planks drop and lock easily. It can also manage to be always seamed without any different parting like you may find in many vinyl plank flooring.

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LifeProof’s thickness can look and feel like it is a laminate. Its thickness offers a soft ball and some insulation, making the flooring more resistant to cold.

However, it cannot absorb water because LifeProof is constricted from a polymer-based materials. Like no other vinyl plank flooring, LifeProof is added by an underlayment.  

As one of the best vinyl plank flooring, LifeProof has repetitive boards patterns but you can minimize the issues by drifting the boards drily in your desired pattern before you finally install the flooring.

To avoid this repetition, you had better open up some boxes at the same time so that you have so many selections to choose the planks.

Shaw Resilient Vinyl Flooring

In the world of vinyl flooring, Shaw seriously takes the position, meaning that Shaw is popular with vinyl flooring products.

In majority, the company focuses on the full selection of the upper-end luxury plank market consisting of three different lines of Shaw products that are DuraTru, Floorte, and Floorte Pro at which you will find 4 to 12 options of color and species.

Dealing with the price, Shaw flooring products have a bit higher price yet they worth it enough.

Considering that the vinyl’s quality is mostly depending on the thickness of the flooring products, you will often vinyl flooring with 5mm thick or 0.197 of an inch thick.

In addition to the vinyl’s thickness, the wear layers are about 20 mil thick or 0.02 of an inch thick.

Top Vs. Wear Layers

Are you frequently confused of understanding top and wear layers? Vinyl plank flooring deals much with the layers. However, you must be aware of the terms between top and wear layers.

Top layer is noticeably the plank thickness which is measured in mm or one thousandths of a meter.

On the other hand, the wear layer is the sandwiches between the urethane finish and the printed design. In this case, the wear layer’s measurement is mil or one thousandth of an inch.

Armstrong Luxe Plank: Vivero

The flooring markets have noticed Armstrong as the top flooring manufacturer. There are over 108 species replicas with the selection of luxury vinyl planks.

This makes you simply purchase the flooring products by looking at the categories that are good, better and best.

Armstrong wood style planks commonly come in safe and crow-pleasing options such as maple, oak, jatoba and walnut.

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The Best category, Luxe comes with the trendy wood treatments including the weathered barn wood and amendoim which is one of Brazilian oak type.

Dealing with the installation, Armstrong’s luxury vinyl planks offer a self-stick adhesive named FasTak to connect the boards.

This way, you can use the FasTask application alone or a click-and-lock function instead. Today’s adhesive usage is different from that in the past.

Nowadays, the adhesive used in FasTak has a lower-tack which is usually pressure-sensitive. This make the flooring planks can be repositioned overtimes.

Mannington Adura Rigid Plank

Other best vinyl plank flooring to consider is Mannington Adura Rigid Plank which is listed as an industry mainstay. Mannington is popular for its luxury vinyl plank flooring in a traditional look.

Thus, if you tend to chose tradition served up with a luxury vinyl, Adura is the best option to consider.

Adura is typically an affordable option to add such a quality to a luxury vinyl plank flooring to your home. This flooring product usually offers the long dimensions which are 4mm with a greater thickness.

Adura also comes with the basic replica wood species including teaks, oaks and solid. These species are considerably suitable for kitchen remodel, kid’s bedroom, second bathroom and basement finishing.

Mannington also includes Adura Rigid to the Rigid-core vinyl plank options. The full planks come with 6 inches wide by 48 inches long. Micro-beveled edges along with the many dark colors are also added to the planks.

However, Adura rigid plank versions are not the largest collection in Mannington.

There are over 46 different wood species replicas offered along with the complex and true-to-life embossing. In this case, Adura Rigid is typically 5/12 mm thick.

Lumber Liquidators CoreLuxe Ultra

While Shaw, Mannington and Armstrong are best described to be an old industry, Lumber Liquidators interrupted them with their flooring products since about two decades ago.

Lumber Liquidators comes with the rebellious quality to attract the customers to come to their stores.

Sometimes, there are flash sales, fall parking lot sales and grab-bag mystery products offered by the stores along with the major brands and inexpensive cleaner products.

In fact, Lumber Liquidators is the best place of the luxury vinyl plank brand especially for the engineered vinyl plank (EVP). Recently, Lumber Liquidators collections consist of 7mm CoreLuxe which is limited to 14 wood species only. However, some of these species are head-turners.

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There is a major house brand available in Lumber Liquidators called Tranquility. The luxury vinyl plank flooring is quite affordable along with 5mm thickness in planks consisting of 7 inches wide by 48 inches long.

Believe it or not, the most expensive price of vinyl flooring in Lumber Liquidators is still cheaper than the price of vinyl flooring in Shaw and Armstrong.

What’s more?

Lumber Liquidators have also lots of ultra-thin luxury vinyl plank flooring with the thickness of 1.3mm.

While you may not like to install this ultra-thin flooring type due to the fact that it will be the most visible to the main residence, the price of this flooring type is drastically lowering along with the other features such as fast installation.

This makes the flooring type much suitable for rental house, beach vacation house as well as on-going remodeling project.

Karndean Luxury Plank Flooring

The last but not least best vinyl plank flooring you can consider purchasing either for your new home or your home remodeling is Karndean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Different from the other flooring manufacturers, Karndean is not included in the household stores in the United Sates. In the United Kingdom, the buyers show the slowly purchase to these floorings.

However, Karndean is trying to produce perfect products which are not affordable, mass-market and boring.

When it’s time to install Karndean flooring, it seems that you don’t subject to pay a bit higher for the luxury vinyl planks since it has a better appearance than the other type of luxury vinyl planks.

In regards to the flooring appearance, Karndean offers the unique wood look or parquet resembling the real wood product.

Karndean is nearly same with the classic looks like maples and oaks at which all the planks are 4 ½ mm thickness or even more with 20 mil wear layers.

The installation technique applied by Karndean vinyl plank flooring is called Loose Lay.

It doesn’t come with the click-and-lock or adhesive to join the planks. This Loose Lay installation method consist of the heavy and soft backing.

In this case, the planks are set directly against the skirt boards on its perimeter against one to another.

This installation method is relatively smooth for applying the vinyl plank flooring thus you can avoid not only the bumps but also ridges that can develop from planks.